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domingo, 11 de diciembre de 2011

Lost Cat.

Lost cat...
if you go, i`ll come without a fiiiiiiight
i`m sick of hearing damning words 
of you come cursing through my head
and i`m too proud to sit here,
chasing time, wasting things we shared,
or thought we had.

You said, i`m you digging a home
truth is, you left a long time agoooooooo

but you can turn it on and play the innocent, though you`ve been caught.
and i`m too proud to sit here, 
saying everything is how it was.
never been this sure.
take it from where you want to grow, 
there`s always tomorrow.

i`d rather have you smile than have you fall, 
no matter where you go...

...cause you`re not dull and i`m not strong 
enough to carry on wondering
how we`re gonna see this through.

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